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An endless 3D racing game: Dhoom:3 The Game

(Editor:Amitesh Singh 8/4/2014)
9game provided:In Dhoom 3 the game, the player can don the hat of the villain (or anti-hero or thief) as the leadprotagonist (character played by Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 movie). The game player needs to ride a super bike through the streets of Chicago and try to escape from the cops including ACP Jai Dixit (played by Abhishek Bachan in the movie), Ali (played by Uday Chopra in Dhoom 3 movie) and others. It is a 3D racing game in the Arcade & Action category (quite similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfer). The cops chase the player riding the super bike and player is expected to ride as fast as he can tackling traffic and escaping cops on road as well as from air (via helicopters).

There is a special option "Nitro power-up" (or Nitro boost) that the player can use to make his super bike reach top speed and leave everyone behind. Also, the super bike rider can destroy anything dangerous in its path making use of the "Sonic Pulse" option. Like in Subway Surfer game, the super bike rider can collect points in this game and use them later to buy bikes or racing suits. The player has to handle simple tap and tilt controls while riding the super bike. One can either tap on screen to balance / manage the bike or use accelerometer of the touch device (smartphone) for tilting the super bike towards left or right. The remaining control options for getting boosts, shields, etc. are available at the bottom and top of the game screen. This ensures that the player gets an uncluttered view of the game on screen. 

The game is an endless runner game where the aim is to get as high a score as you can. The player is bound to enjoy this super-fast chase and escape racing game. It has been developed by 99Games and Yashrajproductions have published this Game. The game can be downloaded for free from Google play store under the category "Arcade & Action". Following the success of Chennai Express game and Krrish 3 game, Dhoom 3 game is expected to make game lovers go crazy. 


Graphics are state-of-the-art that ensure terrific playing experience on Smartphones or Tablets.

Tap and Tilt (accelerometer) controls are simple to handle and quite effective.

The super biker can become invincible using shields, reach top speed using nitro boosts (only once and then the player has to buy it using coins) and blast away any danger in it's path using Sonic pulse.

The game display is uncluttered with all additional controls like nitro boosts, shields and weapons appearing at the top or bottom of the game screen display.

Possibility of buying additional nitro boosts (after using it once), racing suits, more powerful bikes, etc. using coins collected.

The background music for Dhoom 3 game is the peppy Dhoom theme music that adds spice to the race.


Dhoom 3 game is a pretty fulfilling 3D racing gamebased on the theme of the movie. It performs exceedingly well on all Android phones, iOS phones and Windows phones. 
  Users can clear their path by making use of Sonic blasts or they can use Shields that will make them invincible for a short duration.

The game also boasts state-of-the-art graphics with a sensitive accelerometer. 

Dhoom: 3 The Game weighs 29M and has 4.2/5 review rating on Google Play. The game was released on 19 November by Aamir, along with Katrina, at a event in Mumbai.

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