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Enemies on Dhoom 3 -boss

(Editor:Alka Udainia 8/13/2015)

Enemies on Dhoom 3 -boss

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This section offers tips on combating Doom 3's enemies-boss.

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Vagary (Boss)

You'll face the Vagary at the end of Alpha Labs - Sector 4. Time to battle the Vagary--it's half-humanoid, half-spider, and all-nasty. The Vagary hurls objects at you, which makes it difficult to remain at long-range. Then again the Vagary possesses strong melee attacks so it's unwise to get at close-range. Since the Vagary is hurling objects at you constantly, it pays to defeat the beast as quickly as possible. Toss grenades at the Vagary, fill it full of chain gun lead, or use the plasma gun if you scored it early through thorough exploration. Crush the Vagary to continue to the next level.

Sabaoth (Boss)

You'll battle the Saboath in the Central Server Banks. The Saboath is like one-third tank, one-third cyborg, and one-third BFG. Yes, this boss fires the BFG. You can detonate the BFG blast using your own weaponry--as you learned from the instructional video--and it's a wise tactic to avoid suffering damage from the flying BFG projectile. Fire some rockets immediately to detonate the first BFG blast then try to keep cover between you and the Saboath. Watch for side doors to open with new supplies. After defeating the Sabaoth, grab the BFG 9000.

Guardian (Boss)

You must battle the guardian and its seekers. Three seekers hover around the guardian. In order to inflict damage on the guardian, you must kill all three seekers. When you do, the guardian remains in place and a blue orb appears above him. During this time, the guardian creates more seekers. But most importantly, the guardian is vulnerable to your attack.

So defeat the seekers using the plasma gun (it's the most accurate and fast firing weapon for the job). When all seekers die, turn toward the guardian and blast the blue orb with rockets, the BFG, or the plasma. Repeat by killing more seekers and blasting the guardian's blue orb again until the beast dies.

Cyberdemon (Boss)

You reach a circular area where the battle against Doom 3's final boss, the cyberdemon, begins. Take advantage of the circular area by constantly moving. Just back pedal and watch the cyberdemon follow. Stay well away from this monstrosity. Keep him slightly out of the line of fire for most of the battle so you don't suffer the massive blast of his rocket projectiles. You'll need to use the soul cube to take him out. As you back pedal around the area, watch out for maggots and imps that emerge from the fiery center. Keep moving backward and switch to the machine gun to defeat your pursuers.

The main tactic is keeping your distance and constantly moving backward around the circular path. The cyberdemon will follow you. Keep enough distance between you and the demon so you can slide along the center edge and take cover against the cyberdemon's projectiles. Defeat the cyberdemon to complete the game.

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