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Enemies on Dhoom 3 (3)

(Editor:Alka Udainia 8/13/2015)

Enemies on Dhoom 3 (3)

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This section offers tips on combating Doom 3's enemies-part 3.

Lost Souls

The lost souls are fiery heads that swoop through the air and attack with a virtual "headbutt" attack. They'll float around the area, line up their attack, and come in with fury. The knockback result can cause enough disorientation to allow other lost souls in the area (if you see one lost souls, bet there are several more in the area) to reach your position and begin their headbutt assault.


Lost Souls-9game
A lost soul: then and now.

But the lost souls aren't particularly strong. A few accurate machine gun bullets are enough to explode a lost soul. Don't waste strong weapon ammunition on these enemies. In fact, it's even possible to use the chainsaw instead. Line up your chainsaw with the approaching lost soul and grind the flaming head into oblivion. It's risky, though; if you miss, you're bound to be struck several times before you can regain your composure.



The mammoth mancubus: then and now.

The mancubus is a gigantic, blubbery beast armed with two projectile cannons (one mounted on each arm). The mancubus' large surface area makes it an easy target for nearly any weapon. But its powerful and fast firing cannons mean you should keep your distance. It's much easier to dodge those projectiles at longer range. Use the rocket launcher or plasma gun ideally. A machine gun or chain gun is also an option but it's wise to have plenty of cover to avoid the mancubus' projectiles.

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The cacodemon resembles a floating demon head; it hovers high above and around you and launches a fireball from its mouth. It's a relatively large target and can be taken down with the machine gun, chain gun, or plasma gun. If the creature maneuvers close, the shotgun is certainly an option since you can rest assured most of the shotgun's projectiles will connect. Don't waste rockets on the cacodemon; it's hard to be that precise firing at an aerial target.


The flying cacodemon: then and now.

Arch Vile

Expect to face cacodemons in numbers. Although they're hovering, the cacodemons can be lured into chokepoints like doorways and halls. If you're facing more than one, retreat through a doorway and fire from under the safety of a roof. Your weapons fire knocks the cacodemon around. You'll have to adjust your crosshairs to keep up with the creature's movements.

In Doom 2, the sight of an arch vile sent shivers down even the toughest veteran marine's spine. He's nearly as deadly in Doom 3 but not quite the menace he was in this game's successor. The arch vile makes a grand entrance each time he's spotted and can spawn other monsters into the room. Therefore, allowing him to remain alive is dangerous every second he remains in existence.


Arch Vile-9game
The deadly arch vile: then and now.

Though his entrance is grand, it's also long. As soon as you see the arch vile teleport into the room, use a plasma gun, rocket launcher, or even a chain gun to blast him. The arch vile stands in place presenting an inviting target. Be ready to move once the arch vile fires its ground flame attack. Kill the arch vile first then concentrate on any enemies the arch vile spawned into the room.

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Hell Knight

The hell knight is a menacing humanoid giant. You could compare it to a mammoth imp but that's not doing the hell knight much justice. Like the imp, the hell knight tosses a projectile attack from long-range and engages with brute melee force at close-range. Of course both attacks are far more potent than the lowly imp. Furthermore, the hell knight possesses much stronger skin; a single shotgun blast is what the hell knight calls a "tickle".


Hell Knight-9game
The formidable hell knight: then and now.


When dodging the hell knight's projectile, don't stand too close to a wall. The projectile has good splash damage so you're likely to take some splash damage if you're too close. But it's wise to keep the hell knight at a distance. Its melee attacks are too strong. The good news is you're much faster than the hell knight. In a room with pillars, it's easy to circle strafe around the cover and pelt the hell knight with shotgun blasts, chain gun rounds, or plasma bolts and slowly eliminate the beast. Late in the game, it's wise to save your soul cube to easily eliminate a hell knight.

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