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Enemies on Dhoom 3 (2)

(Editor:Alka Udainia 8/12/2015)

Enemies on Dhoom 3 (2)

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This section offers tips on combating Doom 3's enemies-part 2.


The wraith looks similar to an imp but it's hunched over its long, blade-like arms. It also teleport around the area; the creature performs a series of teleports as it moves close to your position. The best time to blast the wraith is when it comes out of its teleport adjacent to your position. Greet the wraith with a shotgun blast aimed directly at its head. You can take down the wraith in a single shotgun blast if you connect. But get ready if you miss; the wraith uses its long, bladed arms as a vicious melee attack. Wraiths often travel in numbers so be careful waiting for one to move close; there could be another wraith teleporting in behind you.


This ferocious beast somewhat resembles a gigantic dog...or perhaps a lion without fur...or a bull with a mechanical torso. Whatever it looks like, it's nasty. This is an update of the original Doom's demon, which was nicknamed pinky for its not-so-ferocious color scheme. The demon's first appearance in Doom 3 is magnificent and one of the greatest enemy entrances of all time. The demon is fast and lacks ranged ability; it will charge you on sight and gore you like a bull.


The pinky demon: then and now

Your best counter is a powerful weapon that excels at both long and short ranges. Once recovered, the plasma gun is a good option. The chain gun lacks long range accuracy but should be sufficient to cripple the demon. And certainly the rocket launcher has the power to take down the pinky beast. Early on, you're likely stuck with the shotgun or machine gun only. The shotgun does work but you'll have to be agile to avoid the demon's gnarly bite. Circle strafe around the beast and pump him full of lead.


The maggot is a two-headed creature that looks like a cross between an imp and a wraith. Like the wraith, the maggot huddles close to the ground and attacks with a melee strike only--but it will also leap at you like the imp. A maggot's quickness is its strongest attribute. If you spot one in the area, consider looking around you because there's likely another running up behind you. The maggots can be handled rather easily from long-range with a machine gun or stronger weapon but a patient, and daring, player could eliminate the maggot from close-range with a single shotgun blast. Aim for the upper body and head.


This armored skeleton brandishes a rocket launcher on each shoulder. Not only that but this bony beast, called a revenant, fires homing rockets that are fairly adept at skirting around corners. Note that it is possible to shoot down the rockets, which can also be a slight problem too. When firing at the revenant from long-range, the rockets can serve as a shield to block your attack--at least momentarily.


The revenant: then and now.

Revenants are deadly, especially in numbers. If there's more than one, expect them to be at opposite corners of the area, which creates a difficult fight with rockets flying in from multiple locations. Retreat to a single hallway so you can deal with the revenants from the same direction. It's possible, but tough, to dodge the incoming homing rockets up-close as you would an imp projectile. That way you can eliminate the revenant with several shotgun blasts. Otherwise, long-range weapons are better: equip the plasma gun, chain gun, rocket launcher, or even machine gun (though that will take longer to finish the revenant off.

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Trite and Tick

The trites and ticks are small spider-like creatures. Though not dangerous as a single unit, the trites and ticks are intimidating in large numbers. These creatures lunge at you like an imp. The resulting blow knocks you around and can cause disorientation. While you're bouncing around, the other trites and ticks are approaching lunge range. Within seconds you're pounded by every single one of them in the room.

So it's important to prevent these creatures from getting close. The machine gun is one of the best weapons because it's accurate and able to strike the trites and ticks from longer range. The shotgun can kill more than one at a time but its slow "recharge rate" (the amount of time required to fire another round) is too long; by the time you can fire another shell, the trites and ticks are even closer around you.

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Don't let the baby face fool you--the cherub is a vicious little creature. Combining the face of a child with the wings of an insect, and the claws of a badger, the cherub scoots along the ground until it reaches attack range where it lunges at you. The cherubs are tough because they're so small and offer little surface area in which to cause damage. A shotgun blast could kill the cherub in a single hit but most of your projectiles may miss the creature. By the time you can fire again, the cherub has reached your position and knocked you around with its lunge strike.

The plasma gun works great but its ammunition is fairly valuable. The machine gun is a decent substitute, just be sure your aim is true since it'll take longer to kill the cherubs with the lower powered weapon. As with most Doom 3 enemies, expect to face more than one cherub. Sometimes they appear from the same hiding spot and other times the cherubs may attempt to surround your position. Keep your eyes peeled for more baby faces before lettings your guard down.

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