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Enemies on Dhoom 3 (1)

(Editor:Alka Udainia 8/12/2015)

Enemies on Dhoom 3 (1)

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This section offers tips on combating Doom 3's enemies.


The zombies are a diverse set of enemies. You may find some carrying flashlights, others carrying wrenches, and even some overweight zombies. For the most part, zombies are a pushover. They move slow and most are only dangerous up close where the zombie can maul you with its brute melee strength. In the early stages of the game, the zombie can pose problems because it can absorb a lot of damage from your pistol.

But once you acquire the shotgun, the zombies become less threatening. Often a single up-close blast eliminates a zombie threat, though two might be required. Watch yourself around a room's dark corners where zombies like to hide and ambush. If you encounter a group of zombies, don't get surrounded. Move to a corner or other position; here you can place the zombies in front--and in front of your weapon's crosshairs--instead of waiting for the zombie to inch up behind you.

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Once you obtain the chainsaw, use it against zombies to save ammo from other weapons. Strike a zombie just after it attacks. The chainsaw can grind up zombie flesh in remarkably quick fashion. Don't waste strong weapon ammo on slow zombies.


Like zombies, the term "soldier" encompasses a lot of enemy types. These include the "z-sec" and commando variety. They certainly appear gruesome like zombies but they're quicker, often smarter (can perform some occasional dodging), and carry a weapon. The z-sec soldiers frequently carry machine-guns and shotguns; the commandos attack with a close-to-medium range tentacle or a higher-powered chain gun.

Most of the z-sec soldiers will approach your position and attempt to attack you at closer range so it's best to lure them into an ambush. When you spot a soldier, hide behind cover or a corner and wait for the z-sec to approach. Ready your shotgun (the best close-range weapon) and fire when the z-sec enters into your line of fire. Battling these soldiers at long-range can be tricky. The z-sec might duck in and out of cover and when they are in sight, they're a pretty darn good shot. If the z-sec doesn't approach, a grenade isn't a bad option.


The commando chaingunner: then and now.

The tentacle-wielding commando will charge your position. A good counter would be the plasma or chain gun (as the commando gets closer). A shotgun at close range will certainly be effective but the commando will have gotten off a couple tentacle strikes before you're within optimum firing distance. The commando with chain gun is similar to the z-sec soldier; he'll take cover occasionally and can certain inflict decent damage with the high rate-of-fire chain gun. Eliminate from a distance with the plasma gun or rocket launcher ideally.


The imp is the enemy you can expect to face the most in Doom 3. From early in the game all the way to the last battle, there are imps--many, many imps. The imp tosses projectiles from long-range and uses its claws as a close-range melee attack. Allowing an imp to enter close-range isn't a good idea. Its melee attack is very quick and capable of knocking you around silly while other enemies reach your position.

The imps are easier to deal with at longer range. The projectile attack isn't particularly quick so it's easy to dodge. Point your crosshairs on the imp and strafe left or right to avoid the projectile while maintaining your crosshairs and weapons fire on the imp's upper torso or head. At medium-range, develop a pattern. Blast the imp, watch for the projectile arm motion begin, strafe to dodge the projectile, and then resume firing against the imp.

The ferocious imp: then and now.

A shotgun blast at close-range can defeat an imp in a single blast. Just get close enough without the imp engaging its melee attack and, if possible, do so when there aren't several other enemies in the area to distract or harm you. Also, as is the rule with most combat situations, when you spot imps arriving in front of you expect there to be some arriving behind you.

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Like zombies, imps often hide in ambush points--in dark corners, behind hidden panels, and even at the entrance to new rooms. The imp can lunge itself at your position (often when it's waiting behind a door); the strike is often too fast to dodge or counter. If you suspect an imp is ahead, open the door by positioning yourself at the side of the door. That way the imp lunges and hits the door jam.

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