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Weapon in Dhoom 3 (3)

(Editor:Nemo 8/2/2015)

Are you looking for a racing game? Dhoom:3 The Game may be you best choice. It can an keep you hooked on for minutes and hours. Here 9game will provide you some tips and tricks for the game to help you win easily. Read on!

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Rocket Launcher

id Software made the rocket launcher famous; this weapon is a staple of the first-person genre. Unlike previous games, Doom 3's rocket launcher requires reloading, which makes it more difficult to wield. There are only five rockets in each pack. After five shots you must endure the rocket launcher's reload time in order to resume the battle.

But it is certainly powerful and as accurate as you are. The rocket launcher should kill most "lesser" enemies (such as imps, soldiers, wraiths) in a single well-placed projectile. It's also strong against tougher foes but you may need to reload so it's wise to have cover or a retreat route available. It's wise to save the ammunition for tougher foes but if you need to kill an imp fast, there's not really a better substitute.

You can still rocket jump with Doom 3's rocket launcher. Point the rocket launcher at the ground, shoot and jump. The blast propels you much higher than a normal jump. You can use the rocket jump to reach places quickly (for instance, eschewing a lift and just rocket jumping up to the higher catwalk) but the blast does inflict self damage.

BFG 9000

The BFG 9000 is Doom's ultimate weapon. It fires a green ball of death that actually inflicts damage to anything in sight as it moves through the air. And if the green ball strikes, it inflicts even more damage. You can hold down the fire button to charge the BFG for greater damage; the weapon holds four BFG cells before requiring reload. But be careful. If you charge the BFG too long, it explodes in your hands--likely instant death.

BFG cells are the rarest ammunition in the game. It's certainly best to save up the ammo for the toughest battles, primarily boss fights, multiple hell knights, or even an irritating arch vile. With the premium on ammunition, make your BFG shot count. It's a slow-moving projectile so it certainly isn't a given that the shot will connect. Aim true and let ‘er rip. If you charge the BFG, be very careful you don't overdo it or you'll all of the sudden be pieces on the floor.

Soul Cube

The soul cube is a primary focus of Doom 3's single-player storyline. It's a weapon acquired late in the game and offers some unique properties. For starters, you can't use it whenever you want. The soul cube tells you when it can be used----after you've killed five demon enemies. Firing the soul cube will kill one on-screen enemy and transfer its life essence into your health.

When the soul cube announces its availability, you don't have to use it immediately. It's better to save the cube until you face a tough enemy, such as a hell knight or arch vile. But if you're drastically low on health, it's likely a wise idea to use the soul cube as soon as possible if you're under attack from several enemies.

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